Friday, April 5, 2013

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Classic Joke Tuesday


I haven't really been doing anything these past couple of days, mainly just watching TV slash sitting and doing nothing >:)

Matthew Perry's been doing quite a lot of interviews lately, and today he was on Ellen! It's actually on an ad break as I write this...

Basically he just told a joke (for classic joke Tuesday even though it's not Tuesday so idek. it was probably Tuesday when they shot this) which he thinks about half the population finds funny.
Not gonna lie, I first saw it on YouTube last night and I laughed for a lot longer than I probably should have :L andddddddd decided to type it out! Lol I didn't actually type it out, I just googled it ehehehejejejejhehee

So there's a man on the street who has a giant peach for a head. This guy walks up and asks what that's all about, why does he have a peach as a head.

The guy with the peach head said a genie granted him 3 wishes. His first wish was to be rich. So a guy delivered a million dollars to him. The 2nd wish was for the most beautiful woman in the world to fall in love with him. So Mila Kunis walked up and said she loved him and wanted to marry him.

For his third wish, he asked to have a giant peach as a head.

Ehehehehejehhehehehehehehejejejhhhehehjejejejehehjeheje ehejejejejhejeehehhehejehehehheehehjjejhhjejejehhhjejehehhejehe hehejehehjejeejejhejeejehehhheehehheehehhehehejeejhehehhehehehehehehehehehe

Okay bye.



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