Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Hi guys!

I haven't posted for a few days, so I'll basically just cover what's happened int he last couple of days in this post :)

On Tuesday, my group made plans to go bowling and have lunch so that we could all get to know each other for formal, so that's what we did :)
Diem and I had plans to meet at the city at 10:15 aND I WAS ONLY TEN MINUTES LATE (!!) Except Sabi and Diem got there ridic early so it may have seemed like I was a lot later than that.

We basically just shopped around and ran into Diem's friend Jim then chatted to him for ages. After a while, we went to meet up with the rest of the group before going to eat lunch at the food court :)
LOL it was so funny. Our group was so big and when we were on the escalators we legit took up the entire thing.

After lunch, we went bowling!
I'll admit, I was losing for the first couple of games except after the third game, Diem got about four bunker balls in a row and I caught up AHAHA
I ended up getting a score of 52, effectively placing me second last in our lane! #pride

Once we were done with bowling, we basically just stood in an awkward circle outside Strike before deciding to get Noggi.


My brother made pancakes for breakfast!

I'm sorry, but I wanted to be in the picture.


After we went out, I went to sleepover at Diem's!
It's had legit been so long since I'd slept over omg.

First, we went to Diem's cousins' house to meet up with Diem's parents. Since they live only a couple of streets away from my house and I forgot my charger, Diem, Thanh and I decided to walk to my house to pick it up.
When we got back to her cousins' house, Thanh decided to straighten my hair.
LOL my hair is like super curly and thin so it takes agggggessssss to straighten and after she had straightened like half of it, we went down to have dinner LOL

Frizzy hair!

Dinner, which we ate sitting in Kim's car LOL

After dinner, we went back to Diem's house!
It was so fun omg
We decided to make this four person band with Thanh and Huong called The Four Chickalooloos AHAHAHA and we made music videos to Primadonna and some Seth Sentry songs, before deciding to interview ourselves. LOL the interview is so funny omg. Like, Diem, Thanh and I all created personas for ourselves; I was the leader who was really up themselves, Diem was the mean cool crazy person and Thanh was the dramatic person. :')
To do the video/interview, we all dressed up in really over-the-top outfits AHAHA

After that, we ate heaaaps of food and of course we had a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon. 

We have this tradition of always having really deep convos before sleeping, and this time our convo lasted for like five hours, from midnight to 5am. We legit covered like every single aspect of life in depth then I only ended up getting like 3 hours of sleep.

THE FUNNIEST PICTURE EVER. I threw the pillow at Diem right as the camera went off :')

Where'd the rest of my face go :O

After Thanh finished straightening my hair :)


On Wednesday, we went to Southbank to meet up with Dylan and Caleb!
Caleb and Diem live near each other, so he caught the same bus as us, and Dylan ended up getting to Southbank really early LOL so we just met him there. 

At Southbank, we watched Identity Thief! It was so funny omg. Some bits especially like how the girl kept punching everyone in the neck AHAHAHAHA and Dawn Budgie :')

After the movie, we went to the city and ate at Vapiano! I ordered fettuccine carbonara and it was asdfghjkl so good.
Beforehand I had been a bit worried that it might have been awkward, but we ended up having some really good chats and I didn't find it awkward at all. I really like meeting new people. :)

Once we'd finished eating, we just walked around the city and went to a couple of stores like Rocking Horse and Dymocks so Diem could buy Little Women, before heading home. Diem came over to my house again and her parents picked her up from there.

Fettuccine Carbonara for lunch! I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture my gosh

Professional selfie with Dylan. Caleb left before we remembered to take a selfie so we never got one of all four of us :(

Ever since we met Caleb and Dylan yesterday, we've been having these super long Facebook chats/snap chat convos. Basically just sending each other heaps of selfies LOL
We also created some hairstyles that we believe will become the new big thing.
Here was my contribution:

It's gonna happen soon and you know it.

That's about all for now. I didn't really do too much today except tennis this morning then tutor this afternoon. #interestingstuff

Till next time.



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