Sunday, April 21, 2013


Memory Lane

Hey guys!

I haven't posted in quite a while, and I'll get to posting about this past week (maybe tomorrow?) but right now I'm right now I'm gonna post some photos that I found in the photo albums while I was going through them.

It all started when I asked my mum if I could sleepover at Diem's on Wednesday/Thursday and she was like 'go clean your room first'. So I went to clean my room and ran into a photo of Diem and I in grade nine with our fantastic fringes. Then I sent the photo to our group chat (Diem, Dylan, Caleb and I) and we started exchanging pictures and I ended up going through all of the photo albums and finding pictures from when I was negative years old.
It's so weird to think that there was a time when you just didn't exist :/

Anyway, I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while but never got round to it, so here you go :)

The picture that started it all. Rocking those fringes.


With my dad when I was one :)

My brother with my parents when he was one day old!

My bro and I. You may think that he's really big, although I was actually really small. Even though I was a bigger baby than him by like one and a half kilos LOL

Rocking that blue lipstick.

At ballet when I was about 5. I'm the cool one.
I can effectively only remember two other people in the line- the one on the far left is Sandra and the one three from the left is Cassandra (I'm pretty sure) who ended up going to the same primary school as me.

This was at Oma's house when I was five.

PIANO-ING. I'm pretty sure that I was five here.

McDonald's birthday party! I have no idea how old I was turning here, but my guess is about 6? I remember I used to have McDonald's parties like every year LOL. Except Sandra is the only person who I remember in this pic.

When I was about five.

Practicing my ballet with my grandma in the background :)

Proof that even from a young age, I was always the cool one.

See previous caption.

First day of school!!

Winning a piano concert for the first time when I was six :)

Anahita and I when we were six :)

Anahita and I again at the fancy dress ball at school in year one! I went as a lady bird :)

Christmas! I was probably about six, maybe five here.

My confirmation! I was eight.
I got confirmed Elizabeth since she is the patron saint of my birthday :)

I remember laughing at this picture for so long at the time LOL.
This was when I was 9 and we went on a trip to America- we went to Alaska and LA, and this was at either Universal Studios or Disneyland. But omfg Spider-man stole my brother's hat AHAHAHAHAHA
Also, I bet you just love our matching shirts.
Can I just say that these shirts were really cool. We got them at Alaska and they were black and white in the shade, but went colourful in the sunlight >:)

Selfie with the bro! Based on the haircut, I'm guessing that I was about seven.

Okay that's all for right now!
I might do another one of these posts sometime in the future cause those photo albums are really full of photos.
Wow that put me in a really nostalgic mood. Probably gonna go and watch friends now since that also makes me nostalgic.

*Hopefully* I'll post about what's been happening this past week sometime soon.

Till then.


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