Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Room Tour

Hi guys!

I've been *inspired* by Diem to do a room tour. Actually, I've been meaning to do one for ages but just never got around to it,

These last couple of days, the only thing I've really achieved is cleaning my room. I took the following pictures of my room just then, and there are still a few things I need to do (such as make my bed) but ehhhhhh this is good enough for now.

I didn't actually realise exactly how many photos there were until just then when I uploaded them, so yeah. There are quite a few.

Also, the first few picture are a bit dark since I forgot to use flash LOL

My door with my amazeballs new John Lennon poster

The wall directly opposite my bed

A closer look at the left side of the wall.

A closer look at the right side of the wall.

A closer look at the top of my bookshelf.

Books on that bookshelf. There are rows of books behind them too.

Top of my other bookshelf, to the right of my bed (I realise that I forgot to take a picture of that whole wall, but basically there's a big window behind it, a fan to the right of it that you can kinda see, a set of drawers to the right of the fan against the wall, some shoes on the ground to the left of it, and a desk to the left of the shoes). Also, I still needa find a photo for that frame :/

That bookshelf's contents.

The desk that I mentioned.

The shoes between the desk and the bookshelf. This is where I keep all my flat shoes.

The top of the set of drawers that I mentioned before. In these drawers, I keep random misc stuff in the top drawer (stuff that I still use though), electronic stuff in the second drawer (like chargers), body stuff in the third drawer and the bottom two are random misc stuff that I don't really use much anymore but still want to keep for whatever reason.

The wall behind my bed. I haven't made my bed yet.

A closer look at my paper children that Sabi made me for Christmas!
I had fun arranging them >:D

A closer look at the right side of the wall behind my bed.

Closer look at the top of my right bedside table. This bedside table is actually new- my mum got it for me only a few days ago and I only put stuff in it today.
In my top drawer I keep my CD's and DVD's (except F.R.I.E.N.D.S which get priority placement), in the second drawer I keep basically just Cluedo LOL, and in my bottom drawer I keep half of my bags- The half that I don't really use that much (cause the rest are hanging in my wardrobe).

A closer look at the top of my left bedside drawer. Here's where I basically just keep my alarm clock and tissues. I used to keep my F.R.I.E.N.D.S discs here but then I got the other bedside table :)

The contents of my left bedside table. The top part used to have heaps of my DVD's before I moved them all into my other bedside table. I've had this bedside table for years and the stuff in it's just kind of been accumulating :L

My wardrobe (to the left of my bed)!

My clothes!

The bottom of the wardrobe. Looks messy, but it's actually really organised.

The other section of my wardrobe.

My high shoes (wedges and heels). I keep a lot of my shoes in my room, but there are quite a few pairs in the garage (mostly the pairs that I wear really often or not at all)

The top section of these cupboards. Here, I keep my jeans, leggings. some of my togs, hats, etc, etc. The shoe box right on the top has my nail polish in it :)

Anddd that's my room!

Will try to post again tomorrow.



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