Saturday, June 1, 2013

50 facts

Hi guys!

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted :O I haven't even posted about formal yet, and that was ages ago

As I type this I realise that it was over a month ago /shockgasp

Anyways, I've been having some trouble loading my photos so I'm gonna do a fifty facts post now. I'll try to make them as interesting as I can but that basically equals not interesting at all so here's a nice cat

  1. My full name is Nicole Anggraini Steemson
  2. I'm half Indonesian/half Australian
  3. Friends is the best show ever and if you disagree then POW IN YO FACE
  4. My dream job is something in pop culture- I still haven't decided what to study next year, but whatever I chose will be something that can get me there.
  5. I am leaning towards studying either Law/Journalism or Law/Film.
  6. I really want to move to the US and live in either New York or LA once I'm done with uni.
  7. I'm a hypochondriac and could never work in any health-related field
  8. Diem has been my biff since year 8 
  9. Dman and I at New Zealand

  10. My other two best friends are Sonjponj and Sabsabsabsabsabsabsabsabsab AKA Marjesh and Balls 
  11. Sonj
  12. In primary school, my group of best friends called ourselves the 'Salmons', which was an acronym for our names (Sarah, Anahita, Lauren, Meera, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole and Sub-Council which basically just consisted of everyone who didn't fit in the letters. Oprah just kind of jimmed cause we didn't have an O) 
  13. Me, Meera, Lauren
  14. I usually eat about five meals a day
  15. I started piano when I was five and I'm currently doing my AMUS
  16. I started tennis when I was six and it is effectively the only sport that I can actually do properly
  17. I love travelling
  18. I would probably pass out if I ever met Matthew Perry
  19. I'm actually a huge fan of the Kardashians
  20. I watch Ellen everyday after school
  21. Hank Azaria follows me on twitter.
  22. Boom
  23. I really lack motivation to actually do anything
  24. The worst injury I've ever had was when I was hit in the eye with a tennis ball in year 6 
  25. The caramel cheesecake at Starbucks is omg
  26. I really enjoy joining new things
  27. I was a girl guide for ages when I was younger
  28. I also did gymnastics and ballet before I started school
  29. I have an aversion to the numbers 4 and 6
  30. I'm allergic to nuts and shellfish
  31. One of the best memories I have is of when my cousins came over from Indonesia quite a few years ago and we basically spent the whole day running around and spraying each other with water guns
  32. I don't handle sleep deprivation very well, but that doesn't stop me from only getting 5-6 hours of sleep each night
  33. If I really like a show or movie, I will re-watch it over and over and over and never get bored
  34. As I type this, I'm procrastinating finishing my chem EEI
  35. The subjects I do at school are Chemistry, Physics, English, Maths B, Maths C and Chinese
  36. I only read about one or two books a year- whatever book I'm studying in English and possibly another one (last year it was Ellen's autobiography which is basically just a joke book)
  37. I get irritated really easily
  38. I love reality TV
  39. I do a pretty fantastic southern accent (tru f@ct t0tes d3fs)
  40. One time, Bob Clendenin went on my tumblr and said it was 'amazing'
  41. I am constantly listening to music
  42. I'm not a neat person, and I usually don't like it when people clean up my stuff
  43. I have a penpal from the UK who I met on Omegle and have kept in contact with for about two years
  44. I'm really close to my extended family on my mum's side, but not really on my dad's side
  45. I'm so excited to graduate, but I know I'll be super sad when the time actually comes
  46. At the end of the year, I'm going to Vietnam and Laos on antips and I'm ridiculously excited
  47. I get obsessed with things really easily- I am usually either super into something or don't really care about it at all. There is no in between.
  48. My favourite band right now is British India, although Of Monsters and Men are like right there. And it changes every week basically, I'm just going through this phase where I think that Swimming In Winter is the best song ever.
  49. Susie just came over and left behind a pack of honey soy chicken chips which I am now really excited to eat.
  50. I'm really not a huge fan of this number
  51. When I was little, my favourite toy was a dancing cow plush called Moo, and Moo wore green overalls. Then one day he broke and my parents threw him out /criesforever
  52. When I'm older, I really hope my life is just like the lives of the characters on Friends.
  53. I prefer things to be cluttered than plain. Not just referring to mess, but everything, like prints on clothes and posters on my wall. Exhibit A: 
  54. Scott Disick is a bamf.

And those are my fifty facts!





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