Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Antips Training Weekend

Hi guys!

Last weekend, I went to Moogerah Dam for our antips training weekend :)

On Saturday, we all went to school really early then took a bus to the dam. Once we got there, we go into our three groups then met with our group leader. Our group leader was asdfghjkl so cool but lollols apparently the other groups didn't really like theirs >:)
Anyways, we got into our groups and chatted about all this leadership stuff before eating morning tea and going over our itineraries for the actual trip at the end of the year. Okay, going through the itinerary made me like asdfghjkl excited for it. Our group decided to do both the community service and the trek in Vietnam at the start of the trip, then spend the rest of the time touring in Vietnam and Laos (including an overnight cruise on Halong Bay). 
So yah. 
After that, we started our trek to the campsite. We had to carry our big packs, which were actually really light but once you've been carrying them for over two hours o m g. Then we passed one of the other groups and they were just like oh hey we're only carrying our day packs but then I remembered that we had a better leader so hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Can I just add- there are so many cows there. Like, while we were trekking, there was this massive herd of cows just standing in our path. At the start of the day, we'd split the group into small leadership teams, and the leaders then basically just kept walking towards the cows and we were like lol what. Then the teachers stopped us to talk to us about potential threats or whatever, and I swear the cows started forming a circle around us. And one of them had these massive horns and legit he was probably thinking oh hey these people would be nice to charge.
But it didn't. In case that wasn't apparent by my existence right now.

After trekking for a few hours, we arrived at the camp site, which turned out to be a whopping hundred meters from where we'd started. The good news about this though was that we got toilets (one of the other groups had to use a hole).

We set up camp then had burritos for dinner (WHICH TASTED SO GOOD JUST BTDUBS) then hung out in our tents.

The next day, we got up really early and packed up our stuff (in our day packs this time, thank God) before eating some dry cereal for breakfast, packing our lunch and heading off on our hike again. The aim of the day was to hike up this mountain, and that we did. It took about an hour and a half to hike to the mountain through this forest, then another hour and a half to get up the mountain. I swear, on that hike up the mountain, my legs exploded approx 8290389085892890 times. Perks of being unfit. Nonetheless, we got to the top and later found out that we were the only group to actually make it the whole way. We sat at the top of the mountain and had lunch, before making our way back down again!

Apart from when I died while hiking, I actually really enjoyed the weekend and it turns out I really like camping :)

Top of the mountain!

When I got home from camp, we went out for sushi (in my trekking gear like the hip kid I am) since my aunty is in Brisbane.

And that was last weekend! I'm on holidays now so I should hopefully be updating more nowadays, ad I'll get to a post about this week soon enough.



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