Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Last Week


I'm on holidays now, and this post should cover last week which was the last week of the school term!

So last week was mainly about getting assessment back, then afterwards we basically either just watched movies or started next term's work in every class. 
That's really all...I'll just photo caption my way through the week. 

Monday was still in stand down, so classes started on Tuesday.

In physics, we decided to throw a Ms Bernard appreciation party :D we all ('all' not including half the class including myself as I forgot) brought in food and Katja made this amaaaazeballs cake which tasted asdfghjkl so good. We also did that thing where the entire class hid behind the teacher's desk and yelled surprise as she walked in but it was actually so funny cause everyone literally ran to the desk about 5 seconds before she walked in so no one was really ready and yeah it was funny.


This has become a grand tradition.

Sonja made red velvet cupcakes for us on Tuesday, which *inspired* me to make some cupcakes as well. And I've just always wanted to make rainbow cupcakes.

I might have gone slightly overboard with the yellow on this one.

Learning lots in Maths C


Not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but it's birthday season! Basically in my family, all the birthdays seem to be really squished together except for mine. Like, see:

13th June- my dad's birthday
19th June- my cousins's birthday and also my parents' anniversary
20th June- my great uncle's birthday
23rd June- my mum's birthday
3rd July- Daniel's birthday

Funny how my parents' and Daniel's birthdays are all spaced exactly 10 days apart, then mine is one day off exactly half a year different (10 days after Christmas). Funny.

ANYWAY, we usually squish a couple of birthdays together into a dinner during birthday season, so on  Saturday we went out to celebrate my mum and great uncle's birthdays.



Birthday gal and pal

ma cake

My mum's birthday card (her birthday was actually two days later)


Charlotte got a snapchat and this happened

And that's about it until yesterday, when I went out to see World War Z with friends. But shall blog about that tomorrow cause I haven't uploaded the photos yet.

Remember the days when each blog post was about a single day? Wow it's been a while since that'd happened. BUT I'M ALMOST CAUGHT UP NOW. SO BAM BAM BOOM.



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