Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Updating for the second time this week, feel that dedication.
In my last post, I pretty much updated until the end of stand down so now I shall pick up from there :) :)
Last term I'd really been putting off doing my QTAC application, mainly because I had no clue what I wanted to put for most of my preferences. I always new that I wanted to do Law, but originally I was like Law/Journalism then I had this random urge to do science so it changed to Law/Science and from there on it was just a big question mark. Anything after that would just be to bridge into Law anyways so idk.

Anyway, I did end up doing them, though I ended up putting Science/Engineering 4th which is like a lol since I have 0 intention of ever doing engineering, so I might change that later.
Last week at school we didn't really do too much except for getting our marks back and starting learning for next term in a few subjects. I didn't actually find this term that stressful, except I did think that all the tests, etc, were super tough and after legit every single exam I did, I was like :| *prepares for failure*
I actually didn't do too badly in the end though and although my marks did drop a bit from last term, I did pretty similar to how I did in term one :)
Because we'd already finished all our assessment and stuff, after school was really relaxed and it pretty much felt like the holidays already. I think it might have been...Monday? that I went to the city after school with Sabi and bought DVDs and fondue >:D

ily tv

ily fondue

On Wednesday, we had our tennis break-up! I've done tennis for all five years at Grammar so it's kinda sad that it's over BUTTT we got lots of food and ily food. Our coach also gave us these presents and we got water bottles as well :)

On Thursday, we had a trivia night at school to raise money for antips! I was in a team with Diem, Sonja, Jen, Emily and Shannon and our team was actually so great, because everyone knew things about different subject areas and we actually ended up doing really well. After the first round, Team Nicole was winning by like heaps, but after the second round we dropped to second, losing to the humanities teachers table by four points :( BUT all was not lost because we still beat the Abbott's Ministry team which I swear consisted of someone from like every single faculty. Not even kidding when I every single one. And they lost to us :)
After trivia, Sonja and I went to sleepover at Diem's. It was late-ish when we got back to her house, so we basically just sat around for a bit before going downstairs, setting up a blanket-bed on the ground and watching KKTNY best show ever. Except Diem fell asleep after approx. 0.5 episodes so lol she sux. We also ate lots of food cause food is fab.
The next day, we had plans to go to the movies, except there weren't any good movies on so we decided to go bowling instead. Sonja won the first round, but in the second both Diem and I magically improved and I ended up winning while Diem and Sonja tied. LOL it was actually so funny cause right until the end, Diem was way behind then she suddenly got the first spare of her life and caught up. After that, we went and ate lunch at Madtongsan before shopping around a bit, and I ended up buying this new pair of shoes :)

pro photos for a pro post

On the weekend, I decided to do a UAC application just cause. LOL there is not very much to do on the holidays.

Thennnn on Monday, my mum and I went to visit my great uncle in hospital since he hasn't been well, and after that went out for lunch at Sendok Garpu which is this fab Indonesian restaurant that ha the best chicken ever. Btw my brother is in Cambodia. lols forgot to mention that.
AND WE REACH YESTERDAY! Wow, it's been so long since I've updated about something that happened yesterday.

Yesterdayyyyy I went on an impromptu city trip with Diem to buy Alice's present (her party was last night), have lunch and shop a bit. I ended up getting Alice a pair of shoes and we had lunch at Grill'd which was fab.

Then that night was Alice's dinner!
It was black and white themed and at Verve Café, which was actually asdfhjkl so good. Like it was this really dark Italian restaurant and the atmosphere was really cool. After we ate, we all walked to Passion Tree and had fondue, which is just perf.


And that brings us to today!
Today I actually did nothing though except eat and blog, so props to me for having a fantastical day :) :) 


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