Thursday, November 14, 2013


Back to Year 7

Hey guys!

This week school has all been about farewells and all that, so I really want to post about them one day at a time, starting with last Friday!

During the day, we did the usual stuff like getting our grades back and taking class photos. It was really sad though because those were basically our last lessons at school ever, and some teachers gave out small gifts and cards and it was really nice :') 

but actually :'( cause ily school


Maths B!

Chinese ganggggg

MacG Chinese ganggggg

Bestest Chinese class ever

:O Diem's cupcakes

maths c b1ff$

Backseat bandits. I actually love this photo so much I cry

ily maths c
From Mrs Morrison :')

Thennnnnnnnn the back to year 7 pool party!!

The afternoon was actually the most fun ever, and the best way to end the week. After school, we all got dressed up in our primary school uniforms (Lol mine was legit tiny. And when i say tiny i mean like really really tiny) and made our way to the pool lawn for some partay partay

We basically walked round, danced, ate heaps of food and took a bunch of photos before getting in the pool which was just so good :')

MacG gang!

And that was Friday, honestly one of the best days ever. 
So much has happened since then, but shall post about that later tonight! :) :)


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