Saturday, November 30, 2013

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Hey guys!

This past week has been the first (slash second lul) week of being done with school. After we finished, we decided to celebrate with dinner then a sleepover.

After school was done, Diem, Sonja, Sabi and I all headed to the city to have lunch. We ate at Madtongsan and lololol was funny cause we all decided to order the same thing (bulgogi soup obs). lol actually ate so much Madtongsan recently. I also decided to buy something to celebrate the end of school, and ended up buying a teapot/teacup and some chai tea which is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious.

 Once we were done with the city, we went to Sonja's house to get ready for our celebratory dinner at Sono. 

The restaurant was actually the coolest. Like, it smelt so nice and all the waiters were dressed traditionally and the whole place was really pretty. I ordered this mushroom noodle soup which was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious. It was so good that Sonja and I decided to have our 18th birthday dinner there next year.

After dinner, Sabi and I headed back to Sonja's house to sleepover! It was so much fun, we played all these random board games like scrabble and trivial pursuit luls. The next day, we like had no idea what we were doing then Sabi was like 'wanna come and sleepover at mine' and thus the next night we went to sleepover at hers trololololol.

Before we went over, we decided to stop by the shops and pick up some hair dye, and once we got to her house we got straight to dying :) I decided to dye the ends of my hair purple, Sonja did her ends black and Sabi did her whole head red. Some of them didn't really show, but I thought mine was okkkkayyy considering how dark my hair was to begin with.

After all that we decided to compose a song LOL
Sabi was basically doing everything on her electric guitar while Sonja and I just watched, then we decided to screw everything and just sing our versions of already made songs trehhehehehhe

That night, we watched the beauty and the beast and basically just fell asleep during it in their media room.

On Tuesday (of last week), Diem decided to come over and we actually got like a ridic number of things done while she was here. She came over pretty early, when she came we first cleaned my room (trolololololololololol) and then decided to dye our hair (again for me lol). I decided to do my whole head purple and Diem did her ends red. We walked to the shops to go and buy dye and have lunch, and we were hoping to buy some Just Soy but apppaaaarrently they're closed on Tuesdays </3

Once we got back home, we made some chai tea in my new teapot :) :) :)

you can kinda see the purple

The next day (Wednesday), our SAIs came out! After we went to school to have a look at them, we went and met up with Dylan, Caleb, Mathias and Bonnie in the city since they were coincidentally also there. We had lunch at Madtongsan before going to karaoke which was super fun.


Annnnnnnd I'm pretty sure I did nothing for the rest of the week!
So that was how we celebrated school ending LOL who needs schoolies anyways

ily schoolies


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