Monday, November 18, 2013

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Marrapatta | Valedictory

Yooooooo guys!
I haven't been home for a couple of days, so I'll continue my update on all the farewells at school now :)
On Monday, our whole grade headed off to Marrapatta for the last time. We'd all been told about a surprise activity that we would do on Monday, and since we were told to bring our togs we just assumed it would be the beach or something like that, but omg. They took us to this water park with heaps of really slippery blow up slides and climbey things and it was so fun. Everything was so slippery that you could literally just slide everywhere and swim between everything, like slides that would land you right in the water.
Actually the best surprise.

After we were done at the water park, we all got back on the bus and headed to the deer park where we would be staying for the night. Our group was assigned to sleep in the deer park vans, which I actually thought was alright but lol. Some of the vans were really well kept (Sonja and Sabi's) and some would be really gross and full of spiders. LOL Sonia and Cynthia's literally didn't even have a mattress on the bed, like it was just a metal bench. I was in a caravan with Diem and Charlotte, and I actually thought that ours was pretty good in comparison to the others, except it smelt a bit funny but like idec.
Annywaaaayyyyyssssssssss once we got to the deer park, we practiced our dance for valedictory before briefly getting together in our muck up groups to practice our muck up dances. After all that, we headed off to Marrapatta for dinner, which was this whole buffet and ily pavlova.

After dinner, the whole grade went to the Imbil town hall and watched a slide show of our time at Marrapatta these past five years, before watching Ten Things I Hate About You which was so gooooood.

Sonj and Sab being not cool

The next day we were told of another surprise, which was really exciting considering how good the first one was. The surprise ended up being a trip to the Imbil bowls club, where we played some lawn bowls, practiced our valedictory dance some more and ate some really healthy food.
It actually ended up being really fun, and after spending a few hours there we all headed back to school :)

Once we got back to school, I went home and literally had about half an hour to shower and get ready for valedictory. At the dinner, I shared a table with Diem, Sonja, our parents and Mrs Morrison who we invited to come sit with us. Everything about the night was so good; our table, the food, and even the guest speaker was so interesting :')
Valedictory book with everyone's names :O


The cutest key rings of the school hat, and Mrs Morrison gave us each a gift :') 

And that was Monday and Tuesday of last week! So much more happened since then, shall continue this update l888888888r :)


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