Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Muck Up

Hey guys!

On Wednesday we basically had a lot of farewells. In the morning was our house farewell, where each house got together to farewell their year twelves. The morning was really nice, and we watched some performances by each other house group, a picture slideshow of the last five years and received gifts from the year 11s and our buddies :)

We all received a flower :)

From my buddy!

Oml the year tens did a presentation with all of our year 8 ID photos then gave out bookmarks to each of us.

We also received the letters which we wrote to ourselves and each other in year 8 and lolololololol I was weird then. It's funny cause back then I really wanted to be a pharmacist, and right now I'm planning on doing something entirely different and can't even imagine doing pharmacy. I also had letters from Diem and Rachel and omg



After the house farewell, we had a year assembly and completed this exit survey before getting ready for the informal assembly! Every year during the informal assembly, the year twelves get together in groups and put together dances for the rest of the school to watch. My group named ourselves 'The Flower Rangers' and it basically consisted of the biffs, Alice's group and Kudrat's group. We'd gotten together twice at my house (the Wednesday and Sunday before) to practice our dance and prepare our costumes, and we went with a really colourful tie dye outfit which I thought was really cool.

I actually really enjoyed all the performances too this year, and thought that ours went okay :)

After all the performances, the year 11's sang to us, the head girls sang to each other and our grade sang High, probably the saddest part of the week.

Flowweerrrr Rangggeeeerrrssssss lol Sonj looks so short


And that was Wednesday! :) 


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