Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Speech Day | Last Day

Hey guys!
In case you weren't aware, I'm graduated!!
The final two days of last week were really nice and although it didn't really hit me that we were done until literally the moment we were about to leave the school on Friday afternoon, our final days were still the saddest and most memorable days yet.

Thursday was Speech Day, and we had to be at the Convention Centre for a rehearsal at 11, so I decided to meet up with Diem for lunch beforehand. So many shops were still closed at the time though, so we ended up having Mexican which was actually really nice.
The actual assembly began at two, and we all received our graduation certificates and could finally officially say that we'd graduated :)


Friday was our final day :(
We only needed to be at school at 10, and only had to be there for a couple of hours, so Diem, Sonja, Sabi and I decided to use that opportunity to have our annual barbeque at the Roma St Parklands!
The tradition of a bbq in a morning of the last week started in grade nine, and I honestly can't even remember how it started. LOL I remember that we used to go play on the swings in the mornings then though so it was probably just us seeing a bbq and going 'hmmmmmmmm that could be fun'.
Actually I think that's exactly how it started.
Anyways, we usually give out our bought and made gifts during the bbq, but since it was so early this year, we didn't have time to make all the gifts, and since Diem and I had already exchanged bought presents, Sonja just ended up giving us things. She gave us all this bracelet with SNSD (Sonja Nicole Sabi Diem) engraved on it :') :')


Once we got to school, I gave out presents to all my teachers before heading down to the pool lawn for a morning tea with the staff where I basically just chatted to people and took photos :)
Dr Stephens | best physics teacher ever

Ms Jans!
Mr Treschman! asdfghjkl gonna miss chem :( | forever laughing at Mr Driver's face in the background though

Once the morning tea was done, we all headed to the Gehrmann Theatre for our final year assembly :'( :'(
Sophie and Lil showed us this powerpoint of us during the past five years and everyone gave these really sad farewell speeches. So many people were crying by this point, and before we knew it, it was time to walk up Gehrmann Lane in front of the whole school for the last time :(
Every year we all have to cheer on the year 12s as they walk up, but it's actually so different when it's you they're cheering for.
Once we got to the top, everyone just sort of stood there not wanting to leave, taking photos and saying final goodbyes before eventually going our separate ways.


Trying to recreate the infamous year 8 fish face photo

Chem gang

That night, we went out to celebrate our finishing, but I'll post about that another time :)


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