Saturday, November 9, 2013

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Term Four

Hola @migos,

It's been ages since I last posted, but farewell week's coming up and I really wanna update everything before then. Sooooooo this post'll hopefully update until last Thursday :)

During the last holidays, Jen invited us out to Laser tag and lunch with a group of people! It was so much fun and lololololololololol. I started off really sucking but like half way through I figured it out and started winning every game and everyone was like wot and it was funny.


Baked cornflake cookies :D :D

The holidays went way too fast, and once we'd started school again, for like the first couple of weeks of term I wasn't in the mindset to do like anything. But it was only a three and a half week term so that caught up to me really fast lol

Before school started, I went over to sleepover at Diem's since I'd left all my stuff there from when I went to her house after term three finished. Lol this was actually ages ago, but I remember that we played Blokus and did makeup. Except I only remember that cause I have pictures of us playing Blokus and with makeup.

Bought make-up/brushes

After a couple (?) of weeks, my school had it's annual Spirit Day to support Gala and Athletics! This year, Gala was themed 'Picture This', so we all had to decorate our tables and dress up as characters from a different movie or tv show. Our table decided to do James Bond, and our table actually looked so fab. We even came second and got this big block of chocolate which was also fab.

Anddddddddddd last ever stand down!! It came super quick this term and lol really didn't even feel like stand down till like halfway through. And of course with stand down comes going out to lunch every day.

I think this might have been before a concert at Madtongsan.


Really gr80 photo of our mango bingsu. 

And that brings us to last Wednesday!
I finished all my exams on Tuesday, but it was still stand down so I decided to have everyone come over to cut up and dye our shirts and to practice our muck up dance. Sonja slept over from Tuesday night and Diem came on Tuesday but left then came back super early the next morning cause she wasn't allowed to sleepover lol. About fifteen people came on Wednesday and it was actually so so much fun practicing and doing our uniforms, dipping our shirts into the dye and all that. Our muck up group is so fab :')

On Thursday we had school again like usual but since we'd finished all assessment for the year there really wasn't anything to do. We got most of our marks back for the subjects that we had and took class photos for classes that we wouldn't have the next day which I think was English and Physics (conveniently my favourite two). I shall post all the class photos later though so they/re together. 

Then yesterday was just the best day ever. So good that I can't even include it in this post cause it deserves a post on its own cause it was so good.

so gooooooooooooooood

so loonnnnnnnnngggggggg



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