Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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I'm going on antips tomorrow (!!) so I figured I better catch you guys up on what's been happening these holidays before I go offline for three weeks.

The second week of these holidays was jam packed with outings since we were trying to squeeze in everything before antips.

Mrs Field's with my muuuuuuuuuuuuuum

On Monday, Diem had a travel doctor appointment to get her Malaria tablets so she asked me to meet her at the city for lunch. We had pancake manor for lunch since we hadn't eaten it in ages, and while we were there I decided that I really wanted to get more Malaria tablets as well sooooooooo I booked an appointment for Tuesday and Diem changed hers so we could go in together.

all 4 us

On Tuesday we had our actual appointments, so we went into the city again and had lunch there (obs) at Grill'd. The doctor there was actually so nice, like not even kidding. He even gave me some free malaria tablets so I could buy them in a pack from the Chemist and like didn't even charge us for the consultation or anything :')

On Wednesday Jessie had her piano exam, and she wanted me to page turn for her so that's what I did :) It was really funny cause Sonja actually had her piano exam on the same day so we could have easily run into each other, but we were at different times lul.

On Thursday, we met up with this big BGS/BGGS group for laser tag at Strike and lunch. It was so funny cause the entire event was basically a result of me going though my old messages, coming across our group chat and accidentally sending a thumbs up to everyone LOL.
Since we went on a Thursday, it was basically unlimited laser tag for $10 so we played a few times, had lunch at the food court (had Japanese chicken curry, was so good oml) then went back to Strike for some more laser tag. While we were having lunch at the food court, Dylan met up with us since he happened to be in the city at the time. We also ended up running into a bunch of BGGS people who were also playing laser tag and played heaps of games against them lololololol


2 kewl

On Friday I had to collect my sleeping mat from school so Diem and I went out for lunch again LOL so many lunches this week. We actually really wanted to go to Wara Wara buttttttt apparently it only opens at 11:30 and since we had to be at school at 12:30 and I'd developed a serious ramen craving by that stage we went to Kadoya instead.

On Saturday I didn't really do much, but on Sunday I went out to the movies and lunch with Diem, Sonja and Charlotte! We went to see Catching Fire and it was actually so so good. Pumped for the next one. After the movie we went and had lunch at Ginga (lol ramen again ily ramen) before I headed home.
That night, I went out to Pancake Manor with my mum and Daniel since he was leaving for Japan the next morning. I actually ordered so much from pancake manor my stomach was like ready to explode. Like not even joking. Lol didn't even order as much as Daniel though, it was funny. Finally got a chance to order the chocolate jewels though, which I swear I say I'm going to order "next time" whenever I'm there. Tasted goooooooooooooooood.

On Monday (yesterday) Daniel left for Japan! I went with my mum to Carindale to buy some last minute things for antips, then we went to Oma and Opa's place since Opa was visiting the house for the first time since September to see how he'd be able to cope with staying at home. We stayed there for quite a while before heading home.

And that brings us to today!
Diem came over this morning and we basically just packed for ages, had sushi for lunch and made some more Chai tea.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd we bought Arctic Monkeys tickets!! So pumped.

Then tonight we had a farewell barbecue for antips at school where we basically just ate and listened to Ms Euler speak for a bit.

And that brings us to right now!



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