Saturday, June 29, 2013

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I probably mentioned this last post, but I'm on holidays! 

My holiday routine is basically to sit and watch TV for three weeks straight with quick breaks to refill my plate of snacks. Not even kidding, these holidays I managed to finish Community, catch up with a term's worth of episodes of Rules of Engagement (CRIES FOREVER I MISS IT SO MUCH ALREADY), The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and a couple of days ago I started watching How I Met Your Mother and as I write this I'm halfway through the second season. I also still watch Friends every night and that's never gonna stop not ever.

Despite all this, I've actually managed to leave the house a whopping five times since the events listed in my last post! And when I say leave the house, I mean literally leave the house. Like, if I step into my backyard for half a second, I count that as leaving. 

The first time I left was on Monday, when I went to see World War Z Diem, Sonja, Sabi and Charlotte.

The movie was asdfghjkl so good. Like, it was probably the best (possibly only) zombie film I've ever seen, and I now have a new-found respect for Brad Pitt. Saying that, I still maintain that he really needs to sort out his life choices, but his acting is pretty top notch.

After the movie, we went out for lunch at Madtongsan!
I love Madtongsan.
I got noodles since that's what I order at pretty much every restaurant that sells noodles, and it was a m a z e b a l l s s s s s s s s s z z z z z s s z s z s z s z s z s z s z s z s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

AFTER MADTONGSAN we went to Passion Tree and Sabi and I shared a chocolate fondue which was so good I'm literally crying right now. Literally. Practically drowning in this ocean of tears here.

idk i've been watching a lot of tv


The cool and the slightly less cool

On Monday night, I decided to straighten my hair and that never really works out too well.

it isn't TERRIBLE from the front, but then you see the back.

The second time I went out was on Wednesday morning when I had to go to the travel doctor and get some needles for when I got to Vietnam #socialbutterfly

The third time I went out was when I had to go out and open the gate for Diem who was dropping off Just Soy at my house ehhehehehehehhhehehehehehehHEHEHHEHEHEHEHhehehehehe


I can't actually remember the other time I went out.....but today I went to this outdoor shop to buy some things, then went to the doctor again to get my last allergy shot.


EXCEPT I do needa go back to the allergy guy sometime and he'll probably be like yeah you actually need like 21389858219895 more shots but as of right now, NO MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Last Week


I'm on holidays now, and this post should cover last week which was the last week of the school term!

So last week was mainly about getting assessment back, then afterwards we basically either just watched movies or started next term's work in every class. 
That's really all...I'll just photo caption my way through the week. 

Monday was still in stand down, so classes started on Tuesday.

In physics, we decided to throw a Ms Bernard appreciation party :D we all ('all' not including half the class including myself as I forgot) brought in food and Katja made this amaaaazeballs cake which tasted asdfghjkl so good. We also did that thing where the entire class hid behind the teacher's desk and yelled surprise as she walked in but it was actually so funny cause everyone literally ran to the desk about 5 seconds before she walked in so no one was really ready and yeah it was funny.


This has become a grand tradition.

Sonja made red velvet cupcakes for us on Tuesday, which *inspired* me to make some cupcakes as well. And I've just always wanted to make rainbow cupcakes.

I might have gone slightly overboard with the yellow on this one.

Learning lots in Maths C


Not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but it's birthday season! Basically in my family, all the birthdays seem to be really squished together except for mine. Like, see:

13th June- my dad's birthday
19th June- my cousins's birthday and also my parents' anniversary
20th June- my great uncle's birthday
23rd June- my mum's birthday
3rd July- Daniel's birthday

Funny how my parents' and Daniel's birthdays are all spaced exactly 10 days apart, then mine is one day off exactly half a year different (10 days after Christmas). Funny.

ANYWAY, we usually squish a couple of birthdays together into a dinner during birthday season, so on  Saturday we went out to celebrate my mum and great uncle's birthdays.



Birthday gal and pal

ma cake

My mum's birthday card (her birthday was actually two days later)


Charlotte got a snapchat and this happened

And that's about it until yesterday, when I went out to see World War Z with friends. But shall blog about that tomorrow cause I haven't uploaded the photos yet.

Remember the days when each blog post was about a single day? Wow it's been a while since that'd happened. BUT I'M ALMOST CAUGHT UP NOW. SO BAM BAM BOOM.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Antips Training Weekend

Hi guys!

Last weekend, I went to Moogerah Dam for our antips training weekend :)

On Saturday, we all went to school really early then took a bus to the dam. Once we got there, we go into our three groups then met with our group leader. Our group leader was asdfghjkl so cool but lollols apparently the other groups didn't really like theirs >:)
Anyways, we got into our groups and chatted about all this leadership stuff before eating morning tea and going over our itineraries for the actual trip at the end of the year. Okay, going through the itinerary made me like asdfghjkl excited for it. Our group decided to do both the community service and the trek in Vietnam at the start of the trip, then spend the rest of the time touring in Vietnam and Laos (including an overnight cruise on Halong Bay). 
So yah. 
After that, we started our trek to the campsite. We had to carry our big packs, which were actually really light but once you've been carrying them for over two hours o m g. Then we passed one of the other groups and they were just like oh hey we're only carrying our day packs but then I remembered that we had a better leader so hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Can I just add- there are so many cows there. Like, while we were trekking, there was this massive herd of cows just standing in our path. At the start of the day, we'd split the group into small leadership teams, and the leaders then basically just kept walking towards the cows and we were like lol what. Then the teachers stopped us to talk to us about potential threats or whatever, and I swear the cows started forming a circle around us. And one of them had these massive horns and legit he was probably thinking oh hey these people would be nice to charge.
But it didn't. In case that wasn't apparent by my existence right now.

After trekking for a few hours, we arrived at the camp site, which turned out to be a whopping hundred meters from where we'd started. The good news about this though was that we got toilets (one of the other groups had to use a hole).

We set up camp then had burritos for dinner (WHICH TASTED SO GOOD JUST BTDUBS) then hung out in our tents.

The next day, we got up really early and packed up our stuff (in our day packs this time, thank God) before eating some dry cereal for breakfast, packing our lunch and heading off on our hike again. The aim of the day was to hike up this mountain, and that we did. It took about an hour and a half to hike to the mountain through this forest, then another hour and a half to get up the mountain. I swear, on that hike up the mountain, my legs exploded approx 8290389085892890 times. Perks of being unfit. Nonetheless, we got to the top and later found out that we were the only group to actually make it the whole way. We sat at the top of the mountain and had lunch, before making our way back down again!

Apart from when I died while hiking, I actually really enjoyed the weekend and it turns out I really like camping :)

Top of the mountain!

When I got home from camp, we went out for sushi (in my trekking gear like the hip kid I am) since my aunty is in Brisbane.

And that was last weekend! I'm on holidays now so I should hopefully be updating more nowadays, ad I'll get to a post about this week soon enough.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

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This Term


OKay cool.

I realise that it's been aGEs since I blogged last, and i haven't actually updated about anything that's happened since formal, so here it all is! I honestly can't even remember most of what's been happening, so I guess I'll just photo caption my way through this post.

I just got back from our antips training weekend at Moogerah Dam, but I'll post about that in a seperate post.
And can I just say, I've basically spent the last day watching Community and o m g it's actually so good I could cry. Like, the show is so funny, and as if they couldn't make it any cooler they make sO MANY FRIENDS REFERENCES I CAN'T
Like legit, I'm currently a few episodes into the second season and I've counted three so far:
First one: Abed says to Annie something like 'I thought we were more like Chandler and Phoebe, they never really had any stories together'
Second one: Abed referred to the time when Chandler saw Rachel's boobs then had to get revenge.
Third one: Abed says that Jeff and Britta are 'no Ross and Rachel' and that their sexual tension was putting the others on edge.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? It's fantastical.

We win.
Basically my entire life.

Sometime during the term, we had a Chinese excursion to Buddha fest, which was at Southbank, and where we did all these Chinese cultural activities like Martial Arts, Puppets, etc, etc.


 Piano Graduation!
According to my Instagram, my piano graduation was six weeks ago! /qualityblogger
Last year, I did my CMUS, and this was basically just a ceremony to present the certificates, and I got to dress up in the graduation robe and all that >:D


dat maths b assignment

Mayfest is my Primary School fete, and I've gone every year since year 1 so naturally I was going to go again this year.
I'll admit, it's getting less fun now that I'm getting older but stillllll it was great fun catching up with people and eating food.


The day after Mayfest was Mother's Day! Every year to celebrate, we usually go out to Sizzler's for lunch and this year was no exception.
Anyways, we ate food and it tasted good. hehehehejeeejejhehhehh

Ice-chocolates in Maths C!

Newwwwww posterrrssssssss !!!!!!!!

Career's Evening!
Every year, my school has this Career's Evening where they get guest speakers from different professions to talk to interested students about careers and stuff.
I attended the sessions about Education, Law and Journalism and wowwwweeeeee I'm legit having some sort of careers crisis cause I want to do everything which is so unlike me. 

Actually, ever since I started watching Community (a couple of days ago), Law has been sounding even better than it did before (Jeff is a lawyer).

I laughed

New car!

omg so funny. our school had this thing where the teacher verse the students at random sports like handball and tug o war and the student to teacher ratio in this tug o war game is just :L

OOTD for some day

Antips shopping!
I mentioned at the start of this post that on the weekend I had an antips training camp, and beforehand, Diem came over and we went antips shopping, then went out for lunch and bumming round at my house :)

I am da queen of collages.

A couple of weeks ago, I got sick and ended up missing a couple of days of school [including Sabi's birthday :( :( :(]
Anyway, in conclusion Mr T thinks Diem is a big poo and everything else is invalid.


Anime club had the cutest bake stall.

Probably my favourite so far.

And then came stand down D: D: D: D: D:
Last term's stand down was literally the most stressful thing I've ever experienced in my entire life, but this term's was actually not too bad. Like, I was surprisingly chill the whole time. It was probably cause we didn't have chemistry (cause of the EEI), and our physics and English tests were both on the Friday beforehand so I basically had the whole long weekend to concentrate on Maths and Chinese. 

I actually got my marks back for Maths C, Physics and Chemistry today and interestingly, I actually did better than last term in all three of them and I was really happy with my marks. ALTHOUGH saying that, I'm kind of dreading getting my Chinese marks back tomorrow cause I defs screwed up the listening test o m g asdfghjkl okay.

Anyways, after we finished our last exam (Maths C) on Thursday (we still had QCS practice on Friday but that was just a practice so it didn't count), Diem, Sonja and I went out for Japanese food since we always go out for lunch at the end of stand down. After we ate, we went and got froyo from Passion Tree and WOW it tasted good /cue craving

I love food.

Okay, since exams finished, I decided that my goal for these holidays would be to learn to speak Indonesian. Cause my mum's Indonesian and asdfghjkl it's irritating hearing your name 280985908290 times in a conversation but not know what they're saying SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm gonna learn!
In Chinese at school, we sometimes use a website called Memrise to learn vocab, and I figured that I'd give it a go in my efforts to learn. It's basically this site where they test your vocab and give cues for how to remember it and wow some of them are so funny. 

Exhibit A:

The funny thing is, I legit think of that every time I need to remember how to say plane now.

On Friday, Diem had to carry her backpack round the city and omg was hilars

mi lyf

On the 13th (which was actually Thursday), it was my dad's birthday! We all went out for dinner on Friday hehehehejjeejjejejejejehehhehehe food :)

OOTN which is interestingly really similar to an outfit earlier in this post. LOL didn't even realise until just then.

And on Saturday, I went on our antips training weekend BUT I shall update about that and everything else that's happened this week in another post. 
Not gonna lie, I actually started this post a couple of days ago but gave up halfway then finished it just then AHAHA you can deal if stuff at the top doesn't really match up with stuff at the bottom.

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