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ANTIPS | Hanoi/Halong Bay

Hi guys!!

Finally up to the sight-seeing part of our trip! Lol taking so long to update, but I'll get there soon enough. After the trek, we headed back to Hanoi, and that's where I'll pick up from :) :)

DAY 10, 13th December

Friday the Thirteenth!!
Today we got to sleep in a little bit (till like 8 lol) and it was basically like a free day in Hanoi. We had breakfast at the hotel then had time to do whatever we wanted in groups of four. I basically spent the whole time shopping at the markets, which by the way are so amaze, with Diem, Abbey and Georgie. We had lunch at Gecko (lol couldn't find another place, ended up waiting for forever again even though everyone only ordered like sandwiches) and I had this ham and cheese baguette which actually tasted so good despite the wait.
After lunch we walked over to the lake, which was so so pretty and the water was all green and just nice *U* There were some markets surrounding the lake which we spent some time shopping at as well, and ended up buying heaps of really cool stuff including a kimono :)
We had dinner at Tamarind, which was this vegetarian restaurant across the road from our hotel. I got this vegetarian lasagna, which wasn't that fantastic although the thing I really enjoy about lasagnas is the meat so that kind of explains why. Lol apparently the pho tasted really bad there cause no beef.
After dinner we headed over to the night markets where we did even more shopping! Didn't end up buying too much stuff, though by the time we got back to the hotel it was pretty late. We arrived back at the hotel to greet massive bags of all our laundry which had been mixed up in each others bags, and ended up spending ages finding all our stuff from this massive pile of clothes lol. Andddddddddddd...........................................................OPs were out! They came out at midnight Australian time and I decided to check mine with Diem in the hotel lobby. Was so happy with what I got and was basically on an OP high for ages after :) :)

DAY 11, 14th December

Halong Bay!!!
This morning we had a 4 hour bus trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay, and took this boat out to meet our overnight boat :) LOL yesterday when Ryan texted Phuong about whether we needed sleeping bags, he replied "No sir. Boat is like a mini hotel" and wooooowwwweeee he wasn't kidding. The boat was actually so nice omg. We had lunch once we got on and asdfghj can't even with how nicely the food was presented. It was mostly seafood which meant that I couldn't eat a lot of it, but what I did have tasted so goooooood.
Cruising through Halong Bay was SO PRETTY. The water was like ridic ridic green and clear and the view was just aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
That afternoon we went to to look inside this massive cave in one of the islands, and it was all lit up inside and just really really cool. After that we went kayaking on the water and it was pretty tiring buttt still so cool. Got to this area that was enclosed by rock walls and everyone was yelling things and getting echoes. lol wore trackpants which was a bit of a mistake since all our clothes got completely soaked since none of us bothered with togs. Didn't bring any other pants other than my see through thermals onto the oat so ended up having to put up with wet trackies lol.
After all that we had dinner which of course was presented amazingly, and once we were done had a pretty early night.

DAY 12, 15th December

Today we had a really nice sleep in on the boat. After a really really nice slash filling breakfast of like so much food, we went to go and climb to the top of this mountain to see the view. There were about 600 steps to the top, but the view was so nice once we got up there (even though I was so tired by that point lol). We climbed back down and chilled on the beach for a bit. Some people in our group were planning on swimming but it was freezing and hardly anyone had their togs so a few people ended up just dipping their legs in the water a bit while the rest of us just chilled on the beach. 
We had a really early lunch at about 10:45 then headed back to the shore where we caught a four hour bus ride back to Hanoi. Had to say bye to Phuong once we reached the hotel which was sad cause he's so awesome. We stayed at a different hotel to the last one and it was reeeally nice. LOL Diem and I shared like the largest double bed I've ever seen in my life, like it was legit probably wider than I am tall.
We went to the Ladybird restaurant for dinner where I had the best meal of fried rice. Once we got back to the hotel we watched TV for ages before sleeping. The TV is so good here, especially Starworld which is literally almost all good shows, mostly reality which I just love. Some of the shows which we spent the night watching were 'Supermarket Superheroes', ANTM and 'Million Dollar Decorators', my personal fave. :)

DAY 13, 16th December

We woke up at 7:30 today and went to a bakery where I picked up a chocolate croissant and a chocolate cake to share with Diem. We then walked to ladybird again to have a bit more breakfast, I was still kinda full from the croissant so I just shared an omelette with Diem, though the omelette was kinda meh. After breakfast we went to a museum, which was kinda fun allttthhough I'm not the biggest museum-y person so lol. But it was cool anyways.
Spent ages roaming around trying to find our whole group, then for lunch we went to Pho 24 since we really wanted to have pho at least once while in Vietnam, and o m g the pho was like ridic good. Like ridic ridic.
LOOOL so funny, on the walk back to the hotel Ryan ran into a motorbike while trying to cross a road ehehehehheheheheheheh
Anyways, the afternoon was basically free time. I was really craving some dark chocolate, so Diem, Abbey, G and I went to find some. Omg longest ever search, and after about two hours we just gave up LOL actually had a lot of fun on the search. It was actually so funny though cause right before we gave up I decided to buy a propaganda poster, so I said "Let's look for a store that sells them" and we legit looked up at that moment to see a sign for one. Bought a poster for me and one for Daniel before we decided to stock up on some snacks.
After that we decided to get something to eat, so we went into this random one that looked alright and asked them if they had any chocolate croissants, and the guy there replied "sorry we're out". So we were like 'oh okay so what food do you have?" and he legit just stood there for a second and was like "sorry we're out of everything". like wot.
Anyways, ended up going to the Coffee Inn with Abbey, G, Diem, Emma, Sadie and Amelia and I got an amaze mint chocolate drink. Chilled in Abbey and Georgie's room once we got back to the hotel before heading off to dinner.
For dinner we went to this pizza place. We sat with Em and Kim (the teachers) and it was actually the funniest dinner ever. Firstly, people kept getting locked in the bathroom which was so funny cause we ended up checking on anyone who took longer than normal. Some Pitbull song also came up on mute on a TV screen in the room, and Em and Kim started singing long to it ("TIMBAAA") which was just hilarious and their weird tune to it was stuck in my head for so long afterwards.
One of the fabbest days for sure. :)

ily pho

ily pizza

And that was Hanoi and Halong Bay! I've only got one more antips post, and it's getting pretty late so I'll defs publish them sometime soon! :) :)


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