Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Shall continue my antips post picking up from the day we went from the community project to the trek :) :)
DAY 7, 10th December
After breakfast, the group split into 2 since some people wanted to continue with the project while others wanted to stay behind and have a look at a nearby cave. I went to look at the cave and it was actually pretty close to the homestay althoughhhhhh we had to climb up this massive hill lul. We got to the cave and it was really dark but still really cool. Lol once we were way inside, Phuong told us to turn off all our head torches and not even kidding it was like pitch black.
We didn't stay there for too long, and once we were done there we went to the kindy to say goodbye to the kids.
o m g they were so so cute. They were really starting to get used to us so they kept running after us and asking us to pick them up and play with them :') Then when we left they all ran out to the front of the school. omgggggggg gonna miss An so much.
After that we all went and took a bus for 1.5 hours to the start of our trek. We trekked for about two hours on a reasonably smooth road, but it was mostly uphill so we were so tired by the end of it. We stopped for the night at a new homestay (where we all got to stay in the same room), and once we got there all we really did was gossiped for ages then had dinner and went to bed.


They gave us these bracelets to protect us from the devil! Still wearing mine.



DAY 8, 11th December
About 7 hours of trekking today :(
Last night we styed at the homestay, and this morning we woke up pretty early, had breakfast then started on our trek. The trek was pretty smooth at first (although it had started to rain and was like ridic foggy), but after a while o m g. The road was so slippery because of the rain, which wasn't so bad until we started walking down this rocky jungle trail. It was so steep, and Phuong basically told us to not step on any rocks or we'd slip BUT THE ENTIRE PATH WAS ROCKS asgdhsdkfhslhdfkdlvnkdsv. Ended up slipping over so many times (although we ran into another Australian group and apparently someone from their group literally fell off the path down the cliff which I swear was like vertically down but apparently they were okay). We trekked for ages before reaching this small village where we had lunch, then after that we trekked for another couple of hours before reaching our next homestay. they next homestay was so nice and they gave us green tea when we came :) :) The whole group got to spend the night in one room together which was so fun and we spent ages planning what we wanted to do in Laos and just chatting. ily group 2.


lul kitten that kept coming into our room


DAY 9, 12th December
Got up pretty early again today to finish our trek. We trekked for about an hour an a half before reaching the place where we were gonna meet our bus. The trek was actually really nice today (espec cause it was so short) but it was still so nice to be the first out of the there bggs teams to be done with both the community service and the trek. Once the bus got there, we had like a 45 minute bus ride back to Mai Chau where we went back to visit the project to have a look at the toilet block's progress. It kinda sucked cause the builders hadn't even done that much more since we left but oh well. We then went to buy some souvenirs at this place nearby where we also collected our bags and had lunch. Bought a few little things at the markets there then ended up getting lost for aaaaggggesss with Diem, Sadie, Abbey and Georgie. LOL was so funny cause we were legit walking round and round the markets and had no idea where we were cause every shop sold like the same stuff. We ended up finding everyone after ages though then got on the bus back to Hanoi.
Arrived at our hotel in Hanoi that I'd booked with the rest of my leadership team after about a 4 hour bus ride but omg. In some ways our hotel as so dodgy but some rooms were actually so nice. Diem's and my room ended up being really dodge and actually had like cardboard boxes holding the door closed and a chain for a lock, so we split up and I stayed in Abbey and Georgie's room which was so nice.
We got ready for dinner then went out and ate at Gecko, this restaurant nearby. Ordered spaghetti which took about 2 hours to come and when it did it tasted like tinned spaghetti, but I was so hungry by that point that I enjoyed it anyway. After dinner we went to this snack shop and bought heeeaaaaps of snacks, then went back to the hotel, watched some Starworld and slept :)
And that was the end of our trek !!
After that was all sight seeing and was so amaze, shall post about Hanoi & Halong Bay next post :)


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