Monday, January 13, 2014

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Christmas & New Year

Hola hola, finally back to regular posting!

We got back to Brisbane two days before Christmas, and since Daniel was (is) still in Japan and my dad was still in Indonesia, we didn't really do much on Christmas Eve or anything.

On Christmas Day, we went out for lunch at this hotel with Oma & Lilian (Opa was still in hospital). It was like a three course traditional Chritmas lunch, with a chicken/cous cous entree, turkey, ham and veggie main and pavlova for dessert :)
 The food was amaze but there was like so much it was ridic, like I swear I was full after the entree.

iPad for Christmas :)

On Boxing Day, I went shopping at Carindale with my mum :) 
We were there for ages, but I did end up buying thaaat much although the stuff I did buy was pretty fab.

On the 29th, I went out for lunch at Wara Wara with Diem and Alice! I'd been craving ramen for like so long and the ramen there is so goooooooooooooooooood. Also did some shopping and I ended up buying this maxi dress, top and dress :)
It also happened to be Tony's birthday (my mum's cousin), and since he was visiting from Japan we went out for dinner that night!

Not much really happened after that until New Year's Eve, when I went to stay over at Meera's along with Anahita and Lauren! It had been so long since we'd all hung up, and it was so much fun catching up with everyone one again :)
We spent our time playing heaps of board games, eating like a ridic amount of junk, taking a load of photos and just chatting. LOL Anahita had my camera and took so many photos of like all these random things.
Lauren also brought a bunch of short films (although no Feet, cries forever) that we sat and watched for ages before deciding to make a Feet 2, Revenge of the Toes. Lol that didn't end up happening so we decided to film a continuation of our 'ways to die' series that we started in Year 7. Lol that didn't end up happening either, so we just played some Monopoly for ages then at 12:01 we were like omg fireworks then ran upstairs to go and see the end of them LOL.

Like ages after that, we decided to watch a movie, and I fell asleep so early into the movie that I can't even remember which movie it was lolol.


I am Freggly.

socialising like the social butterflies we are


Shall be back possibly later today with more of a catch up :)


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