Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Hey guys!

Wowowowowowoow I'm so behind with my posts BUT TODAY I WILL CATCH UP.


On the fourth of January was my 18th!! I basically went out all day with Diem, Sonja and Sabi, then had a combined birthday dinner with Sonja :)

Lol conveniently forgot my go card so was a bit late but ended up meeting up with Diem pretty early to buy Sonja's present. We got her this Tiffany necklace but had the super fab idea of putting it in a favourites box then wrapping it so Sonja would be like wot.

Once we were done there we met up with Sonja at San Churro to claim our free birthday churros. LOL once we got there we realised that we had to actually sign up for their newsletter beforehand, so ended up signing up on the spot and lucking the workers were nice.
It was so funny cause since it was both of our birthdays, we got two plates of double churros each and the waitress actually dropped one of mine, so came out with a plate of three more. We ended up having so many churros it was like ridic, and Diem even got her own brownie so the food on our table was like |______________________________________________|. 

LOL after that Sonja and I decided that we really wanted to do something that only 18yos could do, so we went to the casino and played some pokies lololololol did not have much luck with that, lost $5.40 (won 40 cents then lost it again). It was really funny cause since Diem wasn't 18 she had to like wait outside while we were in there lolololoolololololololololololololololololololololololol soz diem

After that we went to high tea at Bacchus! I'd never been before but the food was so good and the room was like super classy. Sonja and I decided to order champagne too :)
We basically just sat there chatting for ages until we got really full, then Sabi and I headed back to Diem's to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was at Sono in the city, and we basically booked out both private rooms for the group. People started arriving at 6:30 and the night ended up being just super fab. We chatted for ages and ate 👌 best ever. It kinda sucked cause since we were in two private rooms the group was split in two, but on our table there were so many different convos going on that were like really interesting.
Was so funny when Sonja opened her present, she was legit like 'are you guys serious' LOL



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