Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Catch Up

Hey guys! 

Wow I like seriously needa start blogging more. I actually wrote this post ages ago but didn't publish it since I was planning on adding more to it but..................................................................... it's been 3 weeks, that ain't gonna happen.

Pretty much just gonna pick up where I left off last post.

The Wednesday after I got back from Bundaberg, I went to this food hygiene course with Sonja and Charlotte cause lol we decided to do this barista course and apparently food hygiene was a requirement.

OOH I also started teaching piano at this school the following day which was actually so much fun.

On Friday (31st), I planned on going to the beach with Diem and Sonja. We caught the train don to Surfers Paradise, but once it stopped at Coomera station we saw Dreamworld and decided to screw all plans and go to Wet n Wild instead. Was actually the fabbest thing ever and all the lines were super short since it was a weekday. 

On Saturday the 1st, we went to a barista course which was super fab although lol wasted so much coffee since none of us actually liked coffee so we'd just chuck it out after we made it.
Found a great kebab shop though lolololol

On Sunday (2nd) was Sonja's surprise going away party!
Diem and I had been thinking about having a party for her, and after chatting to her mum a bit we decided to go through with it. We invited over about 15 people, and after decorating her house and everything we were all waiting for her to get back from the Valley where she'd gone with her dad and brother. LOL apparently they ran out of ways to distract her and had resorted to driving round and round in a parking lot and getting soft serves.
Anyways, once we heard she was coming we all hid in a corner of her house just past the corridor and the plan was that we'd all jump out at her as she walked past but omg funniest thing ever, once she got home, instead of walking through the house she started playing the piano which was near the door. Everyone literally died it was so funny, but we decided to just creep up on her and surprise her while she was playing.
She was legit so shocked and apparently had absolutely no clue that we were planning anything. 

The night was really fun, we ate a load of junk, swam for ages, had a barbecue, and basically just had a great time :)


not even pasty

at this rate you should probably expect my next post in like a year or two.



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