Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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So my last post was meant to be a catch up but yeah that sucked, so here's what's been happening up until now.
Just so I actually end up finishing, this is gonna be more of a photo recount of the last month with occasional explanations lol.


Diem's birthday dinner with Sonja
Okay wow I can't even with how long ago this was, but since Sonja wasn't going to be here for Diem's birthday, we all went out to have Japanese BBQ for dinner before she left for Canberra!

Opa's viewing

Dinner at Sono with Oma, Lillian & Tony

Emily's 18th
On the 15th (of last month lol), it was Emily's 18th! Diem was tutoring near my house so she picked me up and drove there. LOL was funny cause she could never hear what the GPS was saying so we ended up in all the wrong lanes/roads. Anyways, we got there in the end and were only half an hour late.

Lunch at Kadoya with Diem

On the 20th, I went to see Eminem with Alice and Diem!!
The concert started at 3:30 and went till about 10:30 since there were just so many support acts (360, Action Bronson, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar), and since we were in the mosh pit I was honestly getting a bit tired by the end, but I swear as soon as Eminem came on I like immediately forgot about all that. He was so good, like ridic good. 
When he was standing behind the curtains, o m g the suspense was like o m g and everyone was just so excited like o m g
Got like super obsessed with Eminem after that LOL love him so much I can't even.

Makeup class and lunch with Diem

On Thursday the 27th, I went to QUT's toga party!
During the day, trop came over for a friends marathon which was super fab. Went to Just Soy and had work for a bit in the afternoon, before Diem drove us all to Riverstage! The whole night was super fab, and ended up bumping into so many people. We actually got quite close to the front of the stage except I swear, getting out of that was the hardest thing ever since everyone would like shove you and it was like ridic hot. But super fun anyway.
That night I went back to Diem's and slept over since the next day was her 18th!!

And that was February (minus one day). Was actually planning on finishing off February in this post but just decided to give Diem's birthday it's own post lol. 




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