Monday, December 15, 2014


an update

Hey guys!

Honestly I've been posting so infrequently that I have no clue what I've already covered :((( Recently decided to lift my game a bit though lololl so hopefully should be posting a bit more in the future. 
I swear, every recent post has started with me talking about the frequency of my posts lol soz

I'm actually in Singapore atm, and I just got back from a few days in Phuket. I've probably mentioned this already, but I finished uni exams approx many weeks ago. I also got my results back about a week ago and was super happy with everything I got, especially as I really thought I wasn't going to do well. And that pretty much concluded my first year of uni which went waaay faster than I was expecting it to. I honestly loved this year so much as well- everything from the people I've met to what uni's been like has been just perfect :')

Anyways, onto what's been happening recently. I ended last post with premed ball, so I'll just pick up from there. 

Oma's Birthday ft photo qual

Breakfast w/ Grandma
Grandma came down to Brisbane a couple of times recently since she had to have a pacemaker put in. Didn't have too much going on then (just uni pretty sure lol) so went out for lunch with her and Laurie quite a few times.

Breakfast w/ trop at Shouk

Lololol on Wednesday of last week (I think) I met up with Diem at the city and I'm pretty sure we just shopped cause I needed to find a dress. But we ended up going to Mrs. Fields and buying a cookie cake, before literally just sitting down at the food court and eating it all ourselves.

My new bb

My mum and Daniel left for Singapore a few days before me since I wanted to stay back for work. BTW side story. So my aunt was organising our Phuket flights/accommodation/etc when she noticed that my passport expires in Feb of next year (and I cant travel with less than 6 months on it). So we literally found out on Thursday afternoon when the others were leaving that night, then like rushed to the post office where they were like asklsfjkgnfklafg soz postage soz whatevs, so we rang the office and they were like we'll try but we don't have an appointment till tomorrow soz. Was like stressing after that cause passports usually take like 10 days to process, and even the priority ones take 2 business days+postage, and I was leaving on the Monday after. ANYWAYS ended up getting it on Monday afternoon, ty passport office.

On Friday night, we had #STEVO14 Round 3 at mine, and beforehand Diem, Thanh and Dylan came over to help clean up. Party was good, and ended up staying over at Diem's for the next two nights before leaving for Singapore on Monday.



And that brings me up to when I left! So much has happened since I got here, and since I'm leaving for Jakarta tomorrow I'll start on a post about Singapore/Phuket now :)


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