Thursday, April 24, 2014

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get beaches get money


Yesterday I went down to Surfers Paradise with trop, Alice and a whole bunch of other people. A group of us trained down and just met up with the rest of the group at the beach. The day was pretty much spent swimming, eating, taking photos, chatting and basically just catching up with everyone/meeting new people :)



After Surfers, I trained straight back to the city for a Pancake Manor dinner with like around 30 other law people. Was so hungry after spending all day at the beach that I actually managed to finish Chocolate Jewels for the first time in ever cause it's so rich. Had the best time chatting to everyone, and LOL I swear the group was so big and people just kept moving around. Like, people would switch seats so often that by the end of the night I was sitting with an entirely new group of people. And people kept taking everyone else's phones, so every now and then a new phone would just appear at our end of the table and yours would be like gone.

Once we were done with dinner, a few of us who were over 18 decided to go to Brew for drinks, and we ended up sitting there for ages chatting. 
Was super fab :')

Basically today was just the best day ever.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've posted, but shall defs catch up today :)
I realise that I actually haven't posted anything about uni yet, which is kind of a lol since I'm on midsem break already. 

Anyways, I'm currently studying law and science and it's actually been so good. The work's been really interesting and I love how I have so much more freedom to do what I want than in high school. I've also met so many fab new people and made some really great friends :')

Recently work has been starting to build up, but I really enjoy it so all g. Although assignments are like no. And I'm actually considering changing from science, but haven't decided on anything for sure yet.

First Day

Lunch at Madtongsan with Diem and Dylan

Kim's 21st
A while ago, I went to Kim's (Diem's cousin) 21st! 
Went to their house after uni with Diem and basically just helped set up/cook before her guests started arriving. The place ended up looking so so nice and the food was like amaze. They even had this are where people could take photos *U*

Law Retreat
On the 29th to the 30th of March I went to law retreat, which was actually the fabbest weekend ever. Beforehand I'd been a bit iffy about going since I didn't know anyone who was going to be there, but I ended up meeting so many people who I'm now really good friends with :)
The first day of the camp was pretty much just filled with games/stuff to do to get to know everyone else, which was so much fun. That night we also had this disco party thing, where everyone had to wear an outfit which cost less than $10.
The next day was pretty much just a beach day. We walked down from the camp site to the beach, but once we got down, there were a few of us who either didn't have our togs or just didn't feel like swimming for whatever reason. The group of us (Brian, Paul, Jennifer, Abraham, Melissa, a couple others lol) then just walked up and down the shops and chatting for 5 hours LOL. Best day.

A while ago, I signed on with a dog minding company, and a couple of weeks ago I got my first dog to mind! She's a German Shepard named Snowy and she's so cute it's like a bit ridic. Really want a German Shepard now. 

Lawbry w/ Thinh

Sleepover at Diem's
lololololol funniest thing. The other day I was still at uni pretty late, and just as I was leaving I snapped Diem and was like 'at uni' or something lols. The replied and was like 'omg same' or something like that. 
Okay this story sucks but basically I slept over and the next day her dad was like wot.

Opa's Burial
Opa's grave site was recently finished, and on the 14th was his burial service. Didn't take any photos of the actual site but it'd really nice, with like a bench in front of the grave and like a garden and a  little waterfall nearby and everything.

Recently I've had to stay at the lawbry pretty late to finish assignments, etc, and afterwards the group of us usually go out to dinner someplace. The other day (last Thursday night) we went to to Madtongsan for dinner then bought this massive mango ice dessert from Meet Fresh :)

And that's pretty much it up to today, which was amaze and I shall post about tomorrow!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

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Diem's 18th


wowowowow this was so long ago but pretty much made a decision to catch up o everything by this weekend so really gotta get a crack on things.

Anyway, just over a month ago (lol) was Diem's 18th!!
The night before was toga party, so I slept over. The day was pretty much spent making cake/etc before we headed off to dinner and Customs House!

The restaurant was actually so so nice, and we sat outside ride by the Brisbane River. The night was pretty much spent chatting, taking photos and eating omg the best food every. Legit can't even at how amaze that food was.

Overall it was just a really fab night. HAPPY 18.08th BIRTHDAY DIEM!!:))))))))))))))00!!!!11!!

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