Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Hey everyone!

So exam block's almost over already, wooow that semester went by fast. I've had three exams so far, with my last one on Wednesday. Suuper pumped for holidays though.

Anywhooooooo here's my update on the past few weeks :)

Law Ball
Law ball was on the 31st of May, and it was actually the best night. I went to Diem's during the day, and had actually been planning on going to a pre at Jack's beforehand but was a bit late so ended up going straight there.
I didn't know too many people who were going (it was 18+ lol), so I pretty much just hung around James, Jack and the other James (wow so many J) the whole night. Over there we pretty much just chatted, drank, watched some fireworks, chatted more and searched for food (those meat pies were like the best). I got to meet quite a few new people too which was super fab. 

Didn't end up taking too many photos over there :(

Swotvac started a couple of weeks ago, and during the week I pretty much came to uni everyday and stayed till pretty late most days. It's so sad though, when I went I would meet up with Paul and James and we'd work for like five minutes then just decide to go sit on the great court and chat in the illuminati triangle (lol basically just three threes which happen to form a triangle). Throughout the week I swear, the amount of work we did probably accumulated to about half a past torts exam. We even decided to go and play tennis about three times lol.  Then went home and Skyped. 

On the Friday of Swotvac, Diem, Sabi and I went out with Sonja who was back for a few days! I hadn't seen her since Diem's pre birthday dinner which wow was ages ago, and it was so good seeing her again. We met up for lunch at Madtongsan then went to Cowch and got this white chocolate dessert pizza which asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjklrhuagkhrgl I actually can't with how good that was. Literally every time I think about it I start craving it. 

Late nights at Uni
Lol the other day Paul was like "Kinda hungry, gonna go get some chips from Burger Urge" then got back with like so many it was ridic. Burger Urge chips so good though. 

Engineering lol.


dem torts

 And that's pretty much it till now! I had my torts and chem exams on Thursday, which I thought would be my hardest two until I read that Legal Method exam today which was a giant no. Also had a piano concert yesterday which I had students playing in. Annnnnnndddddd Law and Society on Wednesday then I'm done!


Monday, June 2, 2014

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Wow I didn't even realise how long it's been since I last posted. 
It feels like so much has happened over the last month, and now exams are nearing and work's starting to pile up. It's so weird to think that we're almost finished our first semester at uni already. 
Anyways, here's a quick photo/caption update of it all :)

Suits Marathon at Thinh's
Went over to Thinh's place on the gc a while ago for a Suits marathon. Didn't end up actually watching any Suits LOL but spent the whole time playing board games/dnming which was super fab.

UQLS Bowling/Lasertag
Ages ago (lol can't remember when these things actually happened) the UQLS had a buddy bowling/lasertag/karaoke night where we basically went and had unlimited everything all night. Ended up staying from about 5 till 10 and did everything so many times. And it was so good cause at lunch, no one knew what they wanted to eat so we ended up buying this massive sushi platter and sharing it between us. Didn't end up getting photos of anything except the sushi platter lololol.


I mentioned Snowy (the dog I was minding) a couple of posts ago, but she's since left :( So cute though asdfghjkl 

On Wednesday the 7th of last month, I went to the Arctic Monkeys concert with Diem! The entire night was actually perfect. We got there about half an hour early, bought some food/merch then basically sat in the mosh waiting for them to arrive. They were actually so fab, and we ended up getting really close to the front (omg Diem actually got so close to the stage it was ridic).
Basically it was just the best night, and we got on such an AM high afterwards :')

The following Saturday was Mayfest! I pretty much go to Mayfest every year because the food is amazing and I get to catch up with everyone from primary. Ended up running into to many people and had a fab time.

Sonita's Birthday Dinner
That night, Sonita had her 18th birthday dinner at Vapianos! I swear our group literally took up like half of the top floor, but it was so good cause I got to catch up with everyone and meet heaps of new people. Once we were done with dinner, we went to get gelato and ended up sitting in Starbucks for ages before going home.

One of my students made me a piano themed bracelet :')

Lawbry all day everyday

Dyed my hair back to brown

And that was pretty much all of last month!
I also had law ball on Saturday, so shall post about that soon :)
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