Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey guys!!

So I'm on holidays now and I swear, during the last two weeks I've eaten so much food it's a bit ridiculous. Literally every time I leave the house it's to go eat somewhere, so basically this entire post is gonna be food.
oh well
In other news, I recently signed on to most of my courses for next sem. There are a couple which aren't for a while but so far it's looking pretty good :) Learnt my lesson from last sem and didn't give myself anything before 10am LOL. Also managed to finish before 2 most days so I'll be able to work in the afternoons woooooooop

Anyways, here's a recap of the last few weeks.


After exams finished, we all went to the city for karaoke! Lol it was originally just meant to be a few of us but there ended up being like 20+ people there. We all met at Brew first and pretty much just sat there and chatted for ages before heading to Queen. We went to have dessert at Passion Tree after, then decided we were still hungry so went and had a second dinner at Hungry Jacks looools
Passion Tree w/ Thinh

22 Jump Street
The next day I had plans to meet up with Diem, Caleb and a few other people to see 22 Jump Street, except I ended up coming late and couldn't get a ticket :( 
Tim tam, Maro and Mathias were in the same boat as me lol so we just walked to the city and had lunch/shopped around before walking back to Southbank. Everyone went to Cowch after that exceeeepppppptt I had work so couldn't stay :''''''''''(((((((( ily cowch

Since I didn't make it to 22 Jump Street that afternoon, I went back to the city after work to see it with Paul+others. Had dinner at Ginga beforehand then saw the movie, which was reallly fab. After that, we went to Max Brenner and I got waffles which were just omg

Dinner w/ fam

Lunch w/ mum

End of sem drinks
On the Sunday after exams finished, UQLS had its end of sem drinks at Birdees. Pretty much just stayed there till the tab ran out then went to Maccas for dinner, before heading to this kebab shop for another dinner lols. It was so weird, I ended up in a group with James, James, Jack, Jono and Jane like wow J overload

Thanh's 15th
On the Monday, I went over to Diem's for a couple of nights since it was Thanh's birthday. We actually ate so much like omglob was ridic, also went to DFO & new Indro which was fab.

Ben & Jerrys wooooop

Brunch at Bare Bones Society

Was super pleased with that matchiness lol

A really similar lunch to the day before but at French Twist

Winter Fashion Launch
On the Wednesday, I went to Blackbird with Jen and Edmond for the Queens Plaza winter fashion launch. The actual event only ended up lasting around 10 minutes, except we sat round and chatted etc for quite a while beforehand. Once we were done we went to have dinner at Vapianos then went to Cowch. I finnnally got to order a naked pop from Cowch (lol cause they didn't want pizza) and it was actually asdfghjkl so good (though pizza>>>>>>>).

Daniel's 16th
It was Daniel's birthday on the third, so we went out to dinner with the fam at Sizzler the following Sunday. On the actual day of his birthday, he didn't want to do much so we just went to Hakataya to get his free birthday ramen lols ily Hakataya

birthday boy

Made granola woooop

ily trops (minus diem lol)

The other day (I can't even remember when these things happened anymore), Diem was tutoring Daniel so she came over with Thanh for the day. While Diem was tutoring, Thanh and I started cleaning my room, except we ran into this chocolate slice recipe so decided to take a break to make it. Was so funny cause everyone was like screaming at each other and it was like the most dodge thing ever. Never ended up finishing the cleaning LOL but did end up going to the shops to get lunch.
Ps the slice was amaze

Changed my program :))))))))))))))))))))
Yet to be approved though.

Lunch w/ mum at Shalom

Dinner that night with mum+Daniel at Oishii

Annnnnnndddddd that was almost everything until today (100% sure I missed heaps of days where I didn't take any photos though). Today was super fab but shall blog about that later cause I'm tired and all my photos are on my phone.

kk bye
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