Friday, December 19, 2014

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Hellloooooo again!

I'm in Jakarta now, and just got here from Singapore on Monday :)
After arriving at Singapore last Monday I pretty much went straight to Sentosa from the airport, since I only had one night there before Phuket. Was super tired all day but nonetheless went to heaps of places like the Trick Eye Museum, the Merlion, Segway riding, Madame Tussauds, and a bunch of other things. I've got quite a few photos from Singapore, and actually got pretty into some of the displays lul

Trick Eye

The Merlion
What even are eyes

Madame Tussauds


I only stayed at Singapore for one night, then the next afternoon we flew to Phuket! Once we got there we were just driving to our hotel when our driver told us that we'd have to drive past Tiger Kingdom to get there, so we decided that we may as well just go straight there. Spent about an hour there where we got to go into the cage with the tigers, before heading to our hotel for reals and having dinner. 

The next day we went to the local shopping centre where they had heaps of markets/other stuff. Got there like an hour before anything was open lol so ended up getting a massage before shopping around all the little stalls inside the centre and come markets around it. Also had crepes there which were amaze and managed to satisfy my permanent crepe craving. Once we were done there we starting walking back to the hotel before we ran into another tiny massage place with those fish foot spa things outside. Mum and Daniel wanted to do that, so I decided to get a massage while I waited. Once they were done they decided to get massages as well so I ended up just getting another one lol. The people there were so nice though omg. That night went for a swim at the resort pool which was so so pretty

The next morning we decided to go back to the same massage place, so went to the shops and tried to retrace our steps. Was walking for a while and couldn't find it so ended up just going round to the other markets that we hadn't already visited before having lunch at this amaze pasta place. Also found a different massage place then went there instead lol omg actually had like 6 massages during these three days, it was so good.
That night we went to see Fantasea which was this show in this place which was kinda like a Thai theme park, where they had all these stalls and this giant dining hall where we had dinner. Went to see the show after that and it was so good, except it was kinda annoying cause they took all of our phones so we couldn't video it, then afterwards it literally took like half an hour to get my phone back. 

For our final day in Phuket I went with my mum to a new set of markets before walking down to the beach where we stayed for a while. Went back to the hotel after that cause our flight was leaving that afternoon. 

Flew back to Singapore that afternoon then spent the afternoon doing pretty much nothing lol. The next day we were invited to lunch at this really good Jap restaurant by my mum's friend. I had this fish plate thing which was actually amazing, except died when I saw how much it was. After that we went to the shops where they had these huge Christmas displays and sales, then headed back home and flew to Jakarta the next morning :)

Annnnd that was what I did in Singapore and Phuket! I've been in Jakarta for a few days now. Haven't done anything super exciting yet, but will keep updating :)

Monday, December 15, 2014


an update

Hey guys!

Honestly I've been posting so infrequently that I have no clue what I've already covered :((( Recently decided to lift my game a bit though lololl so hopefully should be posting a bit more in the future. 
I swear, every recent post has started with me talking about the frequency of my posts lol soz

I'm actually in Singapore atm, and I just got back from a few days in Phuket. I've probably mentioned this already, but I finished uni exams approx many weeks ago. I also got my results back about a week ago and was super happy with everything I got, especially as I really thought I wasn't going to do well. And that pretty much concluded my first year of uni which went waaay faster than I was expecting it to. I honestly loved this year so much as well- everything from the people I've met to what uni's been like has been just perfect :')

Anyways, onto what's been happening recently. I ended last post with premed ball, so I'll just pick up from there. 

Oma's Birthday ft photo qual

Breakfast w/ Grandma
Grandma came down to Brisbane a couple of times recently since she had to have a pacemaker put in. Didn't have too much going on then (just uni pretty sure lol) so went out for lunch with her and Laurie quite a few times.

Breakfast w/ trop at Shouk

Lololol on Wednesday of last week (I think) I met up with Diem at the city and I'm pretty sure we just shopped cause I needed to find a dress. But we ended up going to Mrs. Fields and buying a cookie cake, before literally just sitting down at the food court and eating it all ourselves.

My new bb

My mum and Daniel left for Singapore a few days before me since I wanted to stay back for work. BTW side story. So my aunt was organising our Phuket flights/accommodation/etc when she noticed that my passport expires in Feb of next year (and I cant travel with less than 6 months on it). So we literally found out on Thursday afternoon when the others were leaving that night, then like rushed to the post office where they were like asklsfjkgnfklafg soz postage soz whatevs, so we rang the office and they were like we'll try but we don't have an appointment till tomorrow soz. Was like stressing after that cause passports usually take like 10 days to process, and even the priority ones take 2 business days+postage, and I was leaving on the Monday after. ANYWAYS ended up getting it on Monday afternoon, ty passport office.

On Friday night, we had #STEVO14 Round 3 at mine, and beforehand Diem, Thanh and Dylan came over to help clean up. Party was good, and ended up staying over at Diem's for the next two nights before leaving for Singapore on Monday.



And that brings me up to when I left! So much has happened since I got here, and since I'm leaving for Jakarta tomorrow I'll start on a post about Singapore/Phuket now :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hi everyone!

It's actually been a ridiculously long time since I last posted, and so much has happened since then. I've just been looking through my old post, and w o w never even got to sem 2 so guess I gotta start from the bottom.

So started sem 2 approx. 17 weeks ago-ish, and during the sem I took Torts B, PPL, Accounting and Macro. 

Kinda ceebs going into too much detail so just gonna photo/caption. Haven't even been taking many photos lately and literally have 0 recollection of anything that doesn't have a corresponding pic so lol there's gonna be a few holes here.

Went over to Dylan's. Can't even remember why, but Diem had to leave early, and when she got home we skyped her so she could be with us in spirit.
OH also made cookies except used the wrong sugar and were missing like half the ingredients so they ended up pretty bad.

18/7/14: Eat Street
Posted on insty so I got the date for this one. Cronuts though

Dylan's after ft nail polish

Noodle Markets w/ D and D

Dylan's again

Coffee and cake w/ mum

Weekly Just Soy chats w/ Dm

Thinh lol

Went clubbing at Surfer's for Thinh's birthday!

Kevin also had a birthday dinner around that time. Had Jap for dinner then went to karaoke at the city :)

For my grandparents' anniversary, we flew up to Rockhampton for a weekend! The original plan was to surprise them but lol that failed so just ended up meeting them at the airport then went to see their new place (since they moved from Bundaberg this year). For their anniversary, we drove out to the beach and had lunch at this restaurant with the fam. Only stayed for a couple of days before flying back to Brisbane.

Lunch w/ mum

 More Just Soy w/ Diem

Nando's w/ Thinh
This pretty much started my Nando's phase which is still going rn.

Went to Kanye!!! Omg was best thing ever, and we were actually so close till got bumped back lolololololololol :'(

Sonja came back for a bit so we went out to lunch and shopped around a bit with her. Wow this was actually still ages ago lol.

Skyping w/ Dm
It's weird how well I remember what we were talking about here.

Oishii w/ #trop

Lillian's 50th

Premed Ball
OK getting into more recent times. Went to the Premed Ball which was themed Casino Royale and was super fab. Got my makeup done at YSL then went to Diem's to get ready. Went to Tim Tam's for our pre, after which we all took a taxi to the place. The building was so nice (omg view) and dinner was provided and was pretty good. I swear we spent half our night lining up for the photo booth AHAH not even soz. Overall was good, and stayed over at Diem's afterwards.

ok will continue later lol
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