Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Jakarta 1

I've been in Jakarta for about two and a half weeks now, and am leaving in a few days time. I actually meant to post quite a while ago but never ended up getting round to it, so here's everything that's happened in the past couple of weeks!

Currently I'm at Kusuma, though I'm only staying here for a couple of days and will be going back to Tanjung tomorrow. While at Jakarta I really haven't done anything suuper interesting, and have pretty much spent all my time just shopping and eating out daily with Emily lololol it's been great
Because I haven't done too much, I might just photo&caption things. 

Don't have any photos from this, but right after I arrived at Jakarta I went to do hot yoga with Emily and her friend. It was pretty much exactly what you'd expect, and we just did yoga in a really hot room. Just so happens that I'm not a huge fan of either so yeah no plans to do that again lul

The next day (I think) the whole family went out for dinner at this seafood restaurant. Pretty sure it was for Dhamma's birthday since he had a cake, although his birthday was actually in November so yeah idk


Another dinner

Makeup trials
Idek know when this was, but at some point Emily and I decided to try makeup on since she'd just bought heaps.

Christal's birthday was on the 19th, so the next night we had a party for her at Tanjung. Pretty much the entire family came, and they set up this big buffet at the house. Spent most of the night catching up with everyone/chatting outside. I actually think that this was the day after we went to Ratu Plaza and bought a ridiculous number of CDs/DVDs. I also got a fisheye lens for my phone there which explains why pretty much all my photos are fisheye. 

Lunch at Fish&Co
Omg it's so funny. Daniel's literally been going on about Fish&Co and how much he wants to go there since we were in Singapore. He never wants to come shopping with us though, so now I've actually eaten there a couple of times with Emily and meanwhile Daniel's still going on about it.
Was actually the best fish ever though.

Celebrated Christmas at Tanjung since most of the family were in Surabaya for my cousin's wedding. Woke up pretty early to open presents, and lololol funniest thing. Emily, James and Christal had all guessed that they'd be getting iPhones for Christmas. Emily and Christal opened theres and were right, and meanwhile James was like walking round the tree cause he couldn't find his. His parents were just like 'yeah we hid your present' then he was like 'omg where is it'. Next minute this giant German Shepard comes in with this big bow wrapped around it and they were like 'SURPRISE'. Omg James' face was priceless. 
Later in the day Christal and I decided t make this choc mint brownie which is just the best thing ever.

Boxing Day
There actually weren't that many sales on Boxing Day here, but we went shopping anyway lol

Went ice-skating with Emily and Christal, and afterwards Emily and I went across the road to Central and had lunch/shopped for aggges. Also discovered the Chatime is only like $2 here.

Lunch at Pizza e Birra

I think this was actually the day after ice-skating, but we went shopping again and got some Froyo.

Dinner at Pizza e Birra

Lunch at Pancious
This was actually a few days ago, but I went to Pancious with Emily. Omg it was amaze.

The best vid ever

Took a family trip to the graveyard a couple days ago, like we do every time we come.



Had Shabu Shabu for our NYE dinner last night with the fam. Stayed for aggges at the restaurant and ended up so full, then went back to the house.
Just before midnight my dad, Daniel and I walked down the road to the town centre where they were having these massive fireworks. I swear, Jakarta fireworks are like 10x bigger than Brisbane's, and they literally started at around 9 then just got even bigger at midnight. There were so so many people there as well, and there were all these guys just standing in the crowd holding their own fireworks which would go off like right beside you. Was kinda scary cause the sparks would literally fly like all over your face but overall it was really cool having so many. 
Like an hour after midnight, the fireworks were still going off and since we're so close to the city centre there were some right behind the back wall.

lol Dhamma

that guy

And that's pretty much it! There were actually quite a few things that I just don't think I took any photos at, like many shopping trips including a trip to Mangga Dua and Ratu Plaza, a couple of massages, many lunches/dinners, etc. 

Recently Emily and I have gotten reeally freaked out by the AirAsia incident since it's just so close to home. Pretty much our entire family left Surabaya the next day since my cousin's wedding had been the day before the accident. Also apparently some of the people on board were family/friends of people at Emily's church, and that the other day at my uncle's office we actually met a guy who had a friend on the plane. So yeah we've pretty much been checking the news like every hour, and I'm really not looking forward to getting on a plane back home next week. 

Anyways the next time I post I'll probably be back in Brisbane (unless I decide to do a 2014 recap post) :)


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