Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Halo halo,

I've actually been in such a blogging mood these past couple of days it's weird, and should catch you all up on everything that's happened up to today :):):):):)
Am actually in such a good mood rn and I have no idea why lel
Oml, before Opa died he used to have like dozens of alarms and radios that he'd set up all over his house to like structure his day, etc. Now we have quite a few of them and they keep going off at random times and omg it's so creepy. Was literally just standing alone in the dark downstairs when all of a sudden one of the radios just went off.

ANYWAYS I got back home on the morning of the 7th after getting approx <1 hour sleep on the plane, due to both my newfound (not actually that newfound but whatev) fear of flying and the fact that I don't usually sleep till like 3 anyway and the time difference meant that it was only around 4 in Jakarta when we landed. Was so tired when I got home that I pretty much went straight to sleep, and slept for basically the whole day/night.

Birthday Dinner
Had my 19th birthday dinner the next day at Thyme 2 at Sofitel. Beforehand I went over to Diem's to get ready, and stayed the night there. The dinner was really good, especially since I hadn't seen anyone in over a month and got to catch up on everything. Diem also made this vegan dark chocolate cake that she'd had for her birthday last year (while she was vegan) and it was actually amaze

French onion soup for entree

Chicken chasseur lol got judged so hard by the waiter when I couldn't pronounce chasseur

lel bathroom selfies

Bracelet from dm :))))))))))

Brunch + Dinner
Since I was staying over at Diem's and Dylan was staying over at Caleb's we decided to go out to brunch at Bare Bones Society. Can't remember exactly what I ordered but it was definitely up there with the best brunches I've had. Afterwards we went back to mine for a bit before having an early dinner at Oishii (which I apparently took no photos of). Was actually planning on staying over at Diem's again that night except realised that I had a dentist appointment the next morning lol.

Diem's again
After my dentist appointment I bussed straight back to Diem's where I ended up staying for two nights. I swear I basically live there now lololololololol
On Monday she had uni so Thanh and I went with her and sat in on her maths lecture for approx 10 minutes. After that Thanh and I met up with Alice and just waited for Diem to finish her lecture before going to lunch at Shouk.

natural beaut

Diem's maths lecture ft cinnamon toast

Apparently took 0 photos yesterday lol but went to lunch/bowling with Paul.

wowowowowwoowowow actually done updating on everything. Went to Southbank/city with Diem today. Was actually planning to go to Cowch, but changed our minds and ended up having sushi for lunch before just going to San Churro. Haven't had it in so long omg

YUS new watch


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