Sunday, February 22, 2015

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Helllllllo, last post I never actually finished recapping everything so I might just pick up from where I left off. 

A couple of Sundays ago, I went to Capri at Soleil Pool bar with Alice and Brendan. I actually went out to lunch at Shalom that day with the fam (inc. Tony who was back from Japan for a bit), and only finished at about 2. Had actually arranged to meet Alice at 2 though lolollol so ended up rushing home and getting ready in like 10 minutes. Went over to Brendan's for a bit before heading to Soleil. When we got there we pretty much just ordered this giant punch bowl for 6 lol and basically just sat and chatted for most of the afternoon :))

On Wednesday we'd originally planned to go hiking at Springbrook w/ trop, but yeah plan got cancelled. Diem and I decided that we still wanted to do something though (since Wednesday's the only day I don't work) so we planned to go to Mt. Cootha for the day. Bussed to Diem's and when I got there we left to pick up Caleb, but once we got to his house we decided that Mt Cootha was too far and we may as well just go to the river (especially since it'd been raining and we prob wouldn't have been able to walk anyway). Went to the river and stayed for approx. 5 seconds before just heading to Indro and sitting at Koko Black for an hour chatting.
best sunnies

Pretty much all of Thursday was spent on Skype with Diem lolololololololololol
cinnamon toast tho

On Friday I had lunch with my mum at Kinsei, then ofc had work in the afternoon. After work Caleb came over for a bit, then we went to Brendan's for Christmas in July!

only photo I took lololololol

On Saturday, I had a dentist appointment at around 1, and bussed to Diem's straight after that. Spent a couple of hours at hers just watching a whole lot of old Arctic Monkeys vids before going to church. After church I had dinner with all the Nguyens at Oishii and went back to Diem's after. So so much convo that night. 

On Sunday we headed back to Soleil for Capri again! This time I went with Diem, Alice and Henry. We didn't end up staying as long as the week before, but we did order the punch again which was A+. Afterwards I went to have dinner with Diem at Wara Wara. 

On Monday I'd left my phone in Diem's car, so I met up with her at uni on Tuesday morning to get it back. She was actually playing tennis with Oliver so I decided to join. Played for like half an hour before heading to the city for lunch with Thalia! I hadn't seen her in agggess so it was really nice catching up :) We ate at Pancake Manor, which is so weird cause that's where we ate the last time we met up, and apparently those were the only times she'd been. Was also conveniently Pancake Tuesday.

On Thursday I went to see fifty shades with Diem, which actually ended up being quite a bit better than what I was expecting. Had sushi train for lunch then went to San Churro for dessert. I gave up chocolate for lent which was a bit of a problem in San Churro lolololololol but I made do

Expanding my watch collection :))))))))

Annnnnnd today I just went to Sendok Garpu with my mum, which is just what I do every Sunday :)) OH ALSO I recently decided to go on exchange for sem 1 next year!!!!! I'd originally been planning on going for sem 2, except moved my plans forward a sem since Diem can only do sem 1 and it would be so so good if we could go together. Currently we're thinking University College Dublin since it's the best uni we've found so far with all of our courses, and Ireland is really cool. So excited for St. Patrick's day there omg. Also I'm 1/16th Irish heh.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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It's actually so weird to think about, but so so much has happened since my last post it's a bit ridic. Feels like I only just posted, yet I'm just having a look through these photos now and realising that they were actually taken aggges ago lol
o well

Dumpling Hauuuuus
On the 15th of last month Diem and Thanh came over and we wanted to go get brunch, but since there are like <0 brunch places in Sunnybank we decided to try out this dumpling place that I drive past pretty much daily. Was so good.

The next day Diem came over again, and since Dylan's present had just arrived we decided to drive over to his house and surprise him with it. Stayed at his for a while before going to garden city and having lunch at pancake manor, which I hadn't had since before leaving for Indonesia.

Caleb's Birthday
On the 17th it was Caleb's birthday. He had a dinner planned for that night, but since Diem couldn't make it we decided to go out for lunch. Spent like forever deciding where to eat then ended up deciding on Wara Wara. Walked in and took a seat before deciding that it was way too hot to be sitting in a non-airconditioned restaurant and leaving lololololololololol omg was so awks.
Eventually decided to have lunch at Sono, and I got the mushroom noodles (pretty sure I got the same dish for my 18th lul).

Had actually planned to go home before dinner, but since it was getting lateish by the time we were done I decided to go to Diem's to get ready then just going back to Caleb's and going to dinner with him. We had dinner at Fiasco's Steakhouse where I ordered the Barramundi (obv) which was fab. Afterwards everyone went to Just Soy for dessert which was literally like the most convenient place for me that they could've chosen lol

Jamie's w/ Diem and Alice
On the Monday after (??) Diem, Alice and I decided to try Jamie's new restaurant since I'd heard it was amaze. Ordered the barramundi (obv) which most def lived up to its expectations

Sendok Garpu w/ mum ft. cendol
Ok it just occurred to me that we only really go to Sendok Garpu on Sundays and since Jamie's was def on a Monday I mustn't have done anything except work all week

Australia Day
Didn't really plan anything for Australia Day so we just ended up going to Dylan's and chatting/watching the tennis (raonic pls). Went to Little Nyonya for lunch before heading back to Dylan's for a bit. Afterwards I met up with the rest of the Nguyen's for dinz at Mos Burger. Was so funny, I was so invested in Raonic's game (and had somehow gotten Diem really into it too) that we literally had my phone with the live score updates sitting on the table while we were eating. dat suspense x1000000 since we couldn't actually see what was happening

After Diem's last exam we decided to go have lunch at Wara Wara for reals, especially since we actually hadn't been in so so long and their ramen is amaze

Diem came over to mine to tutor Daniel, then afterwards I went back to hers for a couple of nights. 
A while ago, we decided that we needed to do something to celebrate six years of friendship (friendiversary lollolololololololololol), and since the high tea at Bacchus was so good when we went for my 18th we decided to go back there. School in 2009 started on the 2nd of Feb, and Diem was pretty much my first close friend at bggs (omg on the first day the whole class was taking individual photos to put up on the wall, and since we were both really quiet we literally like stood at the back of the room awkwardly figuring out what we were gonna do). Anywayssssssss so we just decided on Feb 2nd, except since Diem had exams/I had work we ended up going on the 10th. Looove high tea so much, and the convo was A+



selfie w/ dm

selfie w/ dm take 2


annnnnnnnnnd i ceebs posting about everything that happened after that leel will def post again sometime soon though :))
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